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Health & Nutrition

The Healthiest Drinks for Kids

What a child drinks can drastically affect the amount of calories consumed, as well as the amount of nutrients needed to build strong bodies.

What Doctors Want Parents To Know

We asked several Delaware Valley pediatricians what they'd like to tell every mom and dad. Here's what they said.

'My Plate' Replaces Food Pyramid

Four sections correspond to recommended dietary portions, with a dairy portion on the side. Officials and First Lady Michelle Obama say the new graphic is easier to understand.

Should We Worry About Chemicals?

Concern grows over lax laws and endocrine disruption in kids and pregnant women.

Bipolar's Alarming Increase

Is it real, or just better recognition and diagnosis?

What Are BPA and Phthalates?

Are these chemicals dangerous to children? How can you avoid them?

Running: A Great Sport for Kids

If your child loves to run around, it makes sense to explore the sport of running.

New Dietary Guidelines Deciphered

Here's what the latest federal advice on what to eat says — and really means.
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