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George Washington's Biggest Battle? With his dentures, made from hippo ivory and maybe slaves' teeth

His dentures weren't wooden, but they were so painful that his second inaugural speech in Philadelphia is still the shortest ever given.

Yes, You Can Vote From Home In Pennsylvania Now

Don't worry about going to the polls. Vote by mail.

Benefits of All-Boy and All-Girl Camps

Some kids thrive at camps where the social pressure to impress the opposite sex is not an issue.

How to Help (and Not Help) With a Stutter

Ways for parents to help their children articulate their thoughts if they have stuttering problems.

Free STEM Camp for High School Girls in Philadelphia, Wilmington and Pennington, NJ

The 7-week, all-day program for rising juniors and seniors is sponsored by Girls Who Code. Deadline to apply is March 13, 2020.

How Grandmothers Saved the World

They helped their grandchildren, especially the babies, survive in a dangerous world. They still have an important role to play today.

New Peanut Allergy Pill for Kids Approved

The FDA last week approved Palforzia, which was shown to lessen kids' allergic reaction to peanuts during clinical trials, including at CHOP.

What Do Kids Think of the President?

Political scientists surveyed 500 kids age 6 to 12 to see how their views of the presidency and the president have changed since the 1950s.
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