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Why You Need to Clean Doorknobs and Phones

Good cleaning practices and sanitation tips.

How to Talk to Kids About Coronavirus

The COVID-19 outbreak can be difficult to discuss with kids. Here are tips on how to handle the subject.

Coronavirus, kids and school closings: A public health expert answers 4 questions

If kids don't seem to get very sick from coronavirus, why has Montgomery County closed its schools for two weeks?

Field Trips for All Students

Advice for parents of students with disabilities to avoid exclusion on field trips.

7 Science-based Strategies to Cope with Coronavirus Anxiety

It's a stressful time. If anxiety is getting the best of you and your family, here's how to de-stress.

Stop using food to reward and punish your kids

Rewarding and comforting kids with food can lead to overeating when they are not hungry.

When Children Have Transgender Questions

Parents don't have to deal with a child's gender questions on their own. There are local medical professionals, families and support groups that can help guide them.

Should Emotional Support Animals Be Reined In?

There is a proposal to keep Emotional Support Animals off of airplanes. Service dogs would still be allowed.
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