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Best Baby Shower Gifts

Hand-picked baby gear every new mom needs

Amy Lundy, a second-time mom and creator of The Mother of All Baby Showers, coming to Philadelphia on May 16, shares her picks for the best baby shower gifts on the market today. These first-class products safely welcome baby in comfort and style. Read on for the scoop on car seats & strollers, wearables, nursery decor, feeding & travel goods, carriers and just-for-dad swag.

Car seat & stroller

Britax Advocate convertible car seat: “Safe, spacious, good for infants through toddlers. Harness click gives audible assurance that baby’s snug and secure.”

Stokke Crusi stroller: “Comfy, flexible, parent- or outward-facing, five seat positions, sibling seat option (for when the family grows).”


Britax: “Great back support. Parent-facing for newborns/infants, forward-facing for older babies.”

Baby K'tan: “Wrap offers multiple positions for baby.”



Pediped: “Adorable shoes for baby, girls and boys. Comfortable and stylish, too.”

Rosie Pope Baby: “This new line has great pajamas with feet openings, to fit kids as they grow.”

Belly Bandit Wraps: “Powerful stretch-and-compress technology creates a garment geared to shrink post-pregnant mom's belly.”


Liz and Roo: “Nursery-to-toddler-to-teen bedding that’s adorable, comfortable and made in the USA.”

Go Mama Go Designs' Wonder Bumpers: “A safer sleep alternative for cribs, these bumpers promote air flow and breathability, reducing the risk of SIDS.”

Especially for dads

Daddy & Company Daddy Scrubs: “Scrubs, backpacks and more get dad involved in the delivery room and every step of the way.”




Oogaa: “Easy-to-clean tools with a name that makes feeding fun (‘Here comes the Oogaa choo-choo train’).”

Reflo: “This splash-proof alternative to sippy cups is better for kids' teeth and has no little parts to clean.”

Happy Family: “Mom-owned line of organic baby food in pouches. Nutritious and delicious snacks that even adults eat and enjoy.”


Bambinoz-Porta Chair: “Turns any seat into a high chair. Easy to use and clean.”

Refresh-a-Baby: “Turns water and beverage bottles into baby bottles.”

Apr 1, 2014 11:02 am
 Posted by  gahebe128

It is nice to see dad is dressing for the birth in his "I'm the Daddy" scrubs as his baby shower gift...What's mom going to wear? That old ugly Hospital Gown? I don't think so! Let's add the BG Birthing Gown to your list as the BEST in the Next Generation of Baby Shower Must Haves! The BG is created by a nurse, approved by doctors, nurses and midwives...Designed for women to be confident and comfortable as they labor toward motherhood and best of all,the BG Birthing Gown is Made in the USA! Check it out at WWW.BIRTHINGOWN.COM After all, it is her baby's Birth-Day...Dress her for the Occasion!

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Best Baby Shower Gifts

Best Baby Shower Gifts

The creator of the Mother of All Baby Showers shares her picks for the best baby gear every new mom needs.



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