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Middle School Talk

Real tweens dish the dirt on life in the middle school trenches.

How to Stop a Bully

This anti bullying strategy teaches kids self-defense with social skills.

Teen jargon translated

Learn to speak your teen's language

Teen tooth-whitening tips

What parents should know before you let your tween or teeen reach for the bleach.

A Firestorm of Distractions

Graduated teen driver's license laws seek to counteract a difficult climate.

Teach Your Tween To Say 'I'm Sorry'

These 5 steps can help children learn the Art of the Apology.

Recognize & Prevent Cyberbullying

Here's how parents can respond to online attacks and to recognize and prevent cyberbullying.

Help Kids Cope with Acne Anxiety

Insecurity about appearance is common for tweens and teens. Here's how parents can help.

Mom, I Want To Be a Vegetarian!

Here's how to support teens when they choose a vegetarian diet, including ways to make sure they get adequate nutrition.

Are Energy Drink Safe for Kids?

There are now at least 200 energy drinks on the market. But is it a good idea for kids or parents to get an energy-drink buzz?

Teens: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

The dating and break-up cycle is often difficult. Parental support can help to get a teen through it.

Tanning Beds: Just Say No

Increased use of tanning beds by teenagers has contributed to a sharp rise in melanoma rates in young people, often unaware of the long-term consequences of increased skin cancer risk and premature aging.

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