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Nursemaid's Elbow

Recognize and avoid this common toddler pulling injury.

How To Handle Preschool Bullies

Preschool bullying isn't readily noticed. Here's how to recognize it and what you can do.

Help Your Little One To Love Music

It’s easy to encourage a love of music in a young kid. Here are tips from children’s musician Marnie Grey and MetroKids readers.

New Advice: Use Rear-Facing Seats Until Age 2, Booster Until Age 8-12

Wait until your child fully outgrows the seat, says the American Academy of Pediatrics, which also advises to keep kids in the back seat until age 13.

How To Slay Monsters and Fears

As their imaginations grow, so can toddlers' fears. Here's how to help, including a book list.

Thumbsucking Past Age 4

If your child is still sucking his thumb at age 5, social consequences and dental problems become concerns.

How To Toddler-Proof Your Home

As natural explorers, toddlers are injury magnets. A recent study found that childhood injuries peak at 15 to 17 months of age. To keep your fearless adventurer safe and sound, use these toddler-proofing tactics.

A Child's Art Gallery

Here's how to appreciate your child's masterpieces without hanging every scribble on the fridge.

Break Free of the Binky

When you decide the time's right, here's a strategy to break a toddler's pacifier habit.

The Evolving Art of the Play Date

There are no "official rules" for play dates. These tips will help parents form their own guidelines.

5 Ways To Outsmart Your Toddler

To get a toddler to do as you'd like, you often need creative thinking. Try these five tips

Tattling Versus Telling

How can a parent discourage unnecessary tattling, yet encourage a child to "tell" when real harm can be done?
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Cinnamon Stick DIY Christmas Ornament

Savor a seasonal scent with this craft.

Meeting Neighborhood Mom Friends

Friendships as an adult, particularly as a parent, look different from when you were younger and in school.

Rise and Shine

Tips for how one can tame hectic mornings

Fall Tree Button Practice Busy Bag

A fun autumn activity for little ones to take on the go
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Newest In Home Life

How to keep Children Engaged Throughout the School Year

How to keep kids motivated through the school year.

Books about Culture and the Arts

A review of books about culture and the arts.

In-Home Care for Family Members

Welcome a relation into your home while keeping your family's wellbeing in mind.

A Look Back on the Best Kids' Music of 2017

Popular WXPN host Kathy O'Connell shares some of the best kids' music of 2017.
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Newest In Education

How to keep Children Engaged Throughout the School Year

How to keep kids motivated through the school year.

Charter Schools: Accountability and Resources

When selecting a charter school for your child, do your homework.

How to Get Students Ready for Standardized Tests

Helps kids approach standardized tests with confidence.

Data-Driven Education: A New Trend in Public Schools

Data-driven education is leading the way to help kids succeed in the classroom.
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