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Colic Relief for Baby — and You

To calm a crying baby, parents can create a “fourth trimester” of rhythmic stimulation that imitates the womb experience.

Baby Safety Products for $100 or Less

The cost of caution keeps coming down. Here's a sampling of modestly priced, widely available products

Autism's Early Warning Signs

The sooner a child gets treatment, the better the outcome is likely to be.


Taken off breastfeeding or formula, some toddlers refuse cow's milk. The problem is the potential for a vitamin D or calcium deficiency.

Prepare for Baby's First Haircut


6 Ways to Trim Your Baby Budget

A typical middle-income U.S. family will spend an average of $13,590 on baby’s first year alone. Here are ways you can spend less, get better value and still buy high quality, safe products.

Q & A: The Transition to Formula

Frequently asked questions and answers for breastfeeding moms

Diaper Debate: Cloth or Disposable?

Concern for the environment leads many new parents to choose between cloth and disposable diapers, wondering which is better for Mother Earth.

Mom-Baby Yoga: Tender Awareness

Mom-baby yoga classes can foster bonding and a sense of empowerment.

Breastfeeding Help Can Be Crucial

Despite breastfeeding's benefits for mom and baby, staying with it can take experienced help. Here's where to find it.

Bonding with Baby Isn't Automatic

A deep mother-infant connection can take time, and sometimes help, to develop.

A Partnership Plan Can Organize Household Chores

Before baby is born, creating a Partnership Plan can help any couple organize and divide household chores once the blessed event occurs.
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