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March Contest 2018


SweepEasy Broom

As seen on the hit show Shark Tank: Dried food, stickers, mystery stains — you name it, you’ve probably scrubbed it off the floor at some point. Try the SweepEasy — the first broom with a built-in, retractable scraper. With the option of an interchangeable plastic or metal scraper, the broom is safe for all floor types, including ceramic, tile, wood and marble. ($19.95)

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Pura Water Bottle

Pura bottles are eco-friendly, cost effective and easy to use. The non-toxic, plastic-free bottles are fit for all ages; kids can keep the same cup, and switch out the silicone lid for a larger size as they grow. Plus, they’re customizable: adorn the insulated bottle with a silicone sleeve in red, blue, green or a colorful pattern. ($29.99 & under)

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Miracle Gro Root Viewer

Gardening connects kids to the food they eat and gives them an appreciation for nature. It’s a great family activity, too. The Miracle Gro Root Viewer* is the perfect way to get started. Use the provided seeds and seed starter to grow rainbow carrots, and watch the process through the see-through planter. You can also track progress using the ruler and call-out stickers. (6+; $12.99)



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