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Coronavirus Guide for Philadelphia Area Families

How to keep your family safe and happy while we deal with the coronavirus, from health advice, to closures, coping strategies and things to do with the kids when they are home from school.

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Comcast Offers Free Premium Channels

During the coronavirus shutdown, Comcast is offering free access to certain premium channels, starting with Showtime and educational networks for kids.

7 Science-based Strategies to Cope with Coronavirus Anxiety

It's a stressful time. If anxiety is getting the best of you and your family, here's how to de-stress.

Resources for Parents of Children With Special Needs

What are schools required to do for students with special needs during a shutdown? Special Education Advocate Lisa Lightner has put together this guide.

Coronavirus Mild in Most Children, but Infants, Younger Ones More at Risk

A study released Monday showed children in China had less serious symptoms, but infants were hit harder.

Local Parks and Other Places Open for Safe Outdoor Visits

Find out which state and county parks and other outdoor places are open and how to safely visit

How to Help Your Child With Special Needs

Here are ways to comfort and entertain children with special needs during what can be a frightening time.

Watch Live Cams at Local Zoos And Across the Country

Zoos near and far welcome virtual visitors with animal livestreeams.

Free Online Education Tools to Keep Kids Learning

12 free educational sites to help keep your kids on track while schools are closed.

How to Wash Your Hands: Tips from a Pro

Get hand-washing advice from a doctor.

Online Entertainment Ideas for Parents

Take care of yourself with these online diversions. Share them with the kids. Or get some alone time.

6 Questions About School Closures

What happens if they miss too many days? What about statewide testing this spring? Do they have to offer home instruction?

Ways to Keep Kids Fit and Active While at Home

Being stuck in the house doesn't mean you can't stay fit. Find ways to get the kids moving.

Local Museums and Venues with Virtual Tours and Programs

Museums and performing arts spaces encourage families to visit through virtual tours and educational programming.

Yes, You Can Vote From Home In Pennsylvania Now

Don't worry about going to the polls. Vote by mail.

Online Activities and Lessons for Kids

Online activities to keep the busy and learning while they are social distancing from the coronavirus.

Local Schools Struggle to Provide Online Classes

A requirement that all students have equal access to online instruction has kept some school districts from implementing cyber lessons.

Why You Need to Clean Doorknobs and Phones

Good cleaning practices and sanitation tips.

How to Help Kids Relax

A help guide on stress relievers for children and adults during the coronavirus pandemic

How to Talk to Kids About Coronavirus

The COVID-19 outbreak can be difficult to discuss with kids. Here are tips on how to handle the subject.

Cancelations and Postponements

Community events were canceled and family-friendly venues shutdown even before the CDC recommending postponing all gatherings of 50 or more people for two months.

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