Meet MetroKids' New Managing Editor

I’m in the mood to celebrate — and it’s not just because this is our party issue. I’m reveling in the fact that by joining the staff here at MetroKids, after many years as a magazine editor I’ll be professionally immersed in the topic I’m most passionate about: parenting.

I’m mom to two sons, 11 and 13. They’re my favorite people in the world, and everything I do revolves around helping them grow from the sharp, exuberant, confounding, lovable boys they are now into truly good men. I don’t have a formula for doing that. And that’s why I’m so excited to explore the massive breadth of parenting topics on these pages with you, our readers.

As you read, you may notice a breezier voice to our articles, which are still packed with the substance and advice you’ve come to expect from MetroKids. That new tone is meant to jumpstart a conversation — and thanks to our various online platforms, that conversation can blossom into a vibrant interaction. Engage with us through the social media site of your choice: Whether you “like” us on Facebook, follow us via Twitter or Pinterest, or spend time on our comprehensive website, talk back to us. Win prizes. See your quotes in our articles. Comment on our web extras. Subscribe to our weekly e-blast. We have a lot of fun online — join us.

Whatever you do, make the rotating blog posts on a daily appointment read: On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, we’ll continue to bring you MomSpeak, featuring practical, funny and thought-provoking posts from some of the area’s prominent mom bloggers. (We’re especially proud that the Parenting Media Association recently awarded MomSpeak the 2013 Gold Medal for being the nation’s best, most varied parenting blog network.) On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I’ll muse on news and viewpoints important to local parents on this editor’s blog.

There’ll be other incremental changes to the magazine as I get settled in, but as I tell my kids all the time, change is good. What will remain is the core of what makes MetroKids such a vital resource to Delaware Valley parents — our unmatched, award-winning calendar of family events; an age-spanning roster of informative articles in every issue; an ongoing dedication to support families with special needs through our SpecialKids coverage; the archival depth of our website. I look forward to delving into the parenting trenches with you all, and I encourage you to get in touch with me personally at to let me know how we can better serve your needs as a parent.

It’s nice to meet you. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a party to plan.

Cheryl Krementz has been an editor at Town & Country, Men’s Journal, Country Living’s Healthy Living, Vogue Knitting and Yarn Market News. She’s thrilled to join the MetroKids team.

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