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Dec 12, 2013
01:36 PM
MK Memo

Meet MK's Elf

Meet MK's Elf

Brittany E. Hair

MK the MetroKids elf gives me some editorial advice at we work on an article

We may be working on our January issue (camps already?), but we're in a December holiday type of mood here at MetroKids. Our 12 Days of Gifts giveaway is in full swing, we're adding new seasonal events to our jam-packed daily calendar on nearly an hourly basis and we're geared up to celebrate.

Joining the fun this year is our new employee, an elf we've (naturally) named MK. She's already gotten quite comfortable around the office, admiring our view of the Kimmel Center, perusing our Ultimate Holiday Guide, posting on our Facebook page and generally spreading glad tidings to the staff.

Check out the gallery below to see MK acclimate herself to the office. (Thanks to our fabulous staff photographer Brittany for the great shots.) We'll be adding pics as we get closer to holiday week. Cheers!

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