Three Days on the Disney Dream

A family trip report

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Super-relaxed now, we met back up with the boys to plot out the rest of the night. They were scheduled to eat at the Enchanted Garden rotational restaurant with another teen we'd met onboard while my husband and I ate at the adults-only Italian respite Palo.

Having experienced a Palo dinner on the Fantasy, we were eager to return. The elegantly appointed space offers breathtaking views out of its panoramic windows, and the food is as elevated as the atmosphere. Our server, Simone from Italy, expertly assembled an antipasto while we sipped our cocktails (the "Gin Garden" was noteworthy). My meal is pictured below: a pesto shrimp appetizer, lobster papperdelle in a light creamy sauce (there's that pasta again) and the restaurant's signature chocolate souffle (served with chocolate and vanilla sauces). It was the perfect way to end the grownup portion of our cruise.

The show in the Walt Disney Theatre that night was Villains, a musical mashup of the most dastardly bad guys ever animated (Maleficent, the Evil Queen, Jafar, Cruella DeVil), hosted by Hades himself, after Hercules had bested him. Silly stuff, and the kids dug it.

After the curtain fell, it was time to don our swashbuckling best (in Disney speak, pirate bandannas with Mickey or Goofy ears attached) and head back to the pool deck for Pirates IN the Caribbean. This 10-minute Captain Jack Sparrow-led stage show is followed by fireworks at sea, a rarity Disney Cruise Line pioneered. The effect is incredible and, almost more amazingly, the firework shells used are eco-friendly; they turn into safe fish food once they're shot off.

There was a pirate dance party on deck after the fireworks, but we instead made our way back to Cabanas for a go at the late-night buffet. I was still stuffed from Palo, but the boys wanted to tuck into the emu-sized turkey legs Disney serves on its ships and in the parks. Needless to say, the turkey legs won that round, as the kids finished just a fraction before surrendering. They knew they had to pace themselves; we had one more very full day ahead of us.

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